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Fluid Flow and Mixing in Bioprocesses


Iowa State Course Substitution

CH E Professional Elective


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International Credits: 0.5
Converted Credits: 4.0
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Course Description:
Rheology: Viscosity and shear stress. Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Rheology of fermentation broths. Fluid flow in pipes: Predicting flow characteristics in pipe systems. Calculating head in a pipework system. Case study. Pumping of Liquids. Fluid flow and pressure measurement. Fluid flow in packed columns: Flow through porous media. Determining column porosity. Estimating pressure drops in packed beds. Effect of particle shape. Case studies-Pumping and flow in chromatography columns. Bioreactor mixing and scale-up/down: Flow patterns in stirred tanks. Quantification of mixing phenomena in stirred vessels. Case Study 1 – Design of batch sterilisation vessel and small aerated pilot fermenter. Influence of power input on oxygen transfer. Case Study 2 - Scale-up/down of fermenters.


Evaluation Date:
September 8, 2016
Monica Lamm
CH E or Prof. elective in CH E degree.