Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Marketing Management


Iowa State Course Substitution

ME Technical Elective


Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Spain
Language: English
Course Description:
Knowledge: ¿ Learn the main tools to analyze the competitive situation of a company marketing ¿ Apply knowledge to any type of company and market ¿ Synthesize the measures of market response and its relationship with marketing objectives ¿ Learn the major components of a marketing plan ¿ Evaluate the performance of the main objectives of the marketing function Skills ¿ Ability to design to analyze the competitive situation of a company marketing ¿ Ability to diagnose the company's strategic position in the market ¿ Ability to perform the analysis independently, but with teamwork ¿ Leadership skills in the design process and implementation of marketing strategy ¿ Capacity for decision making ¿ Ability to interact with others. Team work ¿ Ability to allocate time scheduled and so to complete a task on time ¿ Ability to integrate different theoretical concepts and assess the interaction between them ¿ Ability to apply knowledge of marketing to a market situation Attitudes ¿ Acquire ethical behavior in marketing management ¿ Ability to defend their views. ¿ Adopt a positive attitude to resolve situations of not performing marketing ¿ Develop the ability to find creative solutions ¿ Develop the ability to understand and accept other points of view ¿ Development of an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude


Evaluation Date:
August 16, 2016
Christian Schwartz
OK as ME Tech