University Of Limerick

Physical Chemistry 3


Iowa State Course Substitution

Chemical Thermodynamics

CHEM 325

Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
- 1st Law of Thermodynamics; Enthalpy - Entropy; 2nd and 3rd Laws of Thermodynamics; Clausius Inequality - Helmholtz and Gibbs Energies - Chemical Potential; Fundamental Equation of Chemical Thermodynamics - Physical Transformations of Pure Substances: Phase Diagrams; Phase Stability and Phase Transitions; The Physics of Liquid Surface - Simple Mixtures: Gibbs-Duhem equation; RaoultÆs and HenryÆs Laws - Phase Diagrams: Phase Rule; Two-Component Systems - Equilibrium Electrochemistry: Thermodynamic Properties of Ions in Solution; Electrochemical Cells; Nernst Equation


Evaluation Date:
October 24, 2016
Joseph Burnett