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Principles of Marketing

MKT 340

Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
The syllabus provides coverage of the nature of marketing and, in particular, offers an historical backdrop to the development of the discipline. Next, students are introduced to the cornerstones of the discipline in the guise of the marketing concept and the marketing mix. Issues relating to marketing as organisational culture are considered with specific reference to marketing orientation and the barriers to developing such an orientation. The process of marketing in different contexts (service, industrial, international etc.) is discussed and differences highlighted. The consumer is introduced as the core target of marketing activity and relevant issues such as consumer sovereignty; consumer rights and the consumer movement are debated. On a macro level, issues relating to social responsibility and ethics are delineated. Finally, the module addresses the thorny issue of how marketing adds value and what its contribution might be.


Evaluation Date:
September 16, 2016
Carrie Graves-Warden