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Principles Of Thermodynamics

SEM 314

Iowa State Course Substitution

Engineering Thermodynamics I

M E 231

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International Credits: 1.0
Converted Credits: 4.5
Country: Australia
Language: English
Course Description:
*[Not offered from 2016 onwards (replaced by SEM202)]* This unit includes: Introduction and definitions - general terminology, reversibility and reversible Work; the first law of thermodynamics - conservation of energy, non-flow energy equation and steady flow energy equation; the working fluids - P-V diagram for steam and use of steam tables, gas characteristic equation, Joule's Law, specific heat capacity, relationship of R, Cp and Cv.; reversible and irreversible processes - reversible non-flow process (e.g. constant pressure, constant volume, isothermal, adiabatic and polytropic); irreversible processes, reversible flow processes and non-steady flow processes; the second law of thermodynamics - statements of the 2nd law, entropy, T-5 diagram, reversible processes on a T-5 diagram, entropy and irreversibility; the heat engine cycles - the heat engine cycle (Carnot cycle and constant pressure cycle), air standard cycles (otto and dual combustion cycle) and mean effective pressure; steam power cycles - the Rankine cycle, thermal efficiency of the steam power plant, modified Rankine cycle, reheat and regenerative cycles.


Evaluation Date:
June 1, 2015
Mark Mba-Wright