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Energy And Low Carbon Technologies

EGA 323

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Potential CH E Elective

CH E Potential CH E Elective

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International Credits: 10.0
Converted Credits: 3.0
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Course Description:
Introduction: Introduction to energy generation using organic and inorganic materials. Theory and Principles. Hydrogen generation: general description of current industrial processes for hydrogen generation and related environmental implications. Fuel cells: Introduction and principles of fuel cells. Definition of efficiency. Description of proton exchnage fuel cells (PEMs), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs), phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFCs), alkaline and microbial fuel cells. Case sudies. Solar energy generation: Theory and principles. Energy generation using inorganic and organic materials. Energy storage. Case studies. Rechargeable batteries: Principles and theory. Introduction to Li-ion, Li-ion polymer and NiMH batteries. Supercapacitors. Case studies.


Evaluation Date:
March 13, 2015
Monica Lamm