Swansea University

Thermodynamics 1

EG 161

Iowa State Course Substitution

Engineering Thermodynamics I

M E 231

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International Credits: 10.0
Converted Credits: 3.0
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Course Description:
The typical syllabus covers [indicative hours]: - Introduction to the course [0.5]: course requirements in terms of syllabus, attendance, assessment, examples classes, energy and the environment. - Basic concepts [1.5]: thermodynamics and energy, dimensions and units, closed and open systems, properties of a system, state and equilibrium, processes and cycles, forms of energy, manometer and barometer. - Energy, Energy Transfer and General Energy Analysis [3]: energy conservation, energy transfer by heat and work, mechanical forms of work, first law of thermodynamics, efficiencies. - Properties of Pure Substances [4]: pure substance, phases of a pure substance, phase-change processes, property diagrams, property tables, the ideal-gas equation of state, compressibility factor. - Energy Analysis of Closed Systems [4]: specific heats, moving boundary work, internal energy, enthalpy and specific heats of ideal gases, liquids and solids, energy balance for closed systems. - Energy and Mass Analysis of Control Volumes [5]: conservation of mass, flow work and the energy of a flow fluid, energy analysis for steady-flow devices, steady flow engineering devices, energy analysis for unsteady flow processes. - Second Law of Thermodynamics [4]: second law of thermodynamics, thermal reservoirs, heat engines, refrigerators and heat pumps,coefficient of performance, reversible and irreversible processes, Carnot principles and cycle, thermodynamic temperature scale, Carnot devices. - Entropy [4]: entropy, increase of entropy principle, entropy change of substances, isentropic process, entropy diagrams, T ds relations, reversible, steady flow work, minimizing compressor work, isentropic efficiencies, entropy balance. Class Test and Revision.


Evaluation Date:
April 1, 2019
Howard Shapiro
Coverage is comparable, although vapor power cycles are not included in the transfer course