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Engineering Mathematics A

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M E Potential Tech Elective

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The aims of this module are to prepare students so that they could cope with the mathematical aspects of a research career involving engineering science; to develop further the mathematical knowledge gained in earlier years of the programme and develop students' confidence in advance of the demanding applications of the final stage modules; and to develop an understanding of the numerical techniques used within modern Finite Element Analysis computer packages. This module builds on the numerical methods introduced in the Level C module "Modelling Concepts and Tools". It adopts a more rigorous mathematical approach to the introduction of numerical analysis suited to honours level students, whilst at the same time relating the analysis to real engineering problems. The methods by which interpolation functions and numerical integration over lines, surfaces and volumes are used within Finite Element computer packages are a key linking element of the syllabus. Numeric algorithms will be implemented in Matlab to enhance learning.


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March 9, 2015
Christian Schwartz