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Polymer Science With Materials Case Studies

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Introduction to Polymeric Materials

MAT E 351

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United Kingdom
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The module is split into two main sections, Polymer Science and Sustainable Development (in a polymer context). The first section aims to develop a number of concepts introduced in the polymer component of the level C (first year) Polymers, Composites and Ceramics module. The main aim is to enable students to understand how and why the chemical structure of the polymer repeat unit influences the physical properties of the polymer, in particular the glass transition temperature, crystallisation and polymer blend miscibility. A number of case studies will be used to illustrate structure-property relationships during the lecture course. The polymer science section of the module will be supported by one tutorial exercise. The second section of the module aims to introduce the subject of sustainable development in the area of polymer technology. In groups, students will explore the merits of creating new polymer production plants and the recycling process. This section of the module will be assessed by a written group report.


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May 2, 2014
Lawrence Genalo