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Applied Mechanics


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Engineering Dynamics

E M 345

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The course addresses the topics of mechanics that are a necessary part of the basic education of a mechanical engineer. Starting from the knowledge acquired by the student in the Physics courses, the objective of the course of Applied Mechanics is to provide the students with the necessary knowledge to properly address and solve engineering problems relevant to the mechanics of rigid bodies. The syllabus of the course will include: Description of the mechanics of rigid bodies and of the forces acting upon them. Presentation of the main characteristics of mechanical drives and of their individual components, such as Hooke's joints, belt drives, gears and gear trains, power screws, clutches, brakes, bearings. Outline of the basics of mechanical systems dynamics with particular emphasis to the mechanical vibrations. The course of Applied Mechanics links the description of the physics underlying the behaviour of mechanical drives and their components to the methods instrumental in solving engineering problems such to enable the students at the end of the course to properly address problems relevant to the mechanical systems and to the transmission of the mechanical power from a prime mover to an operating machine.


Evaluation Date:
October 27, 2014
Leroy Sturges