Technical University Of Delft

Flight and Orbital Mechanics


Iowa State Course Substitution

Astrodynamics I

AER E 351

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International Credits: 4.0
Converted Credits: 2.5
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Course Description:
1. Turning performance (three dimensional equations of motion, coordinate systems, Euler angles, transformation matrices) 2. Airfield performance (take-off and landing) 3. Unsteady climb and descent (including minimum time to climb problem) 4. Cruise flight and transport performance 5. Equations of motion with a wind gradient present 6. Equations of motion applied to various phases of space flight 7. Launch, Vertical flight, delta-V budget, burn out height, staging 8. Gravity perturbations to satellite orbits, J2 effect for low earth orbit satellites, J2,2 effect for Geostationary Earth Orbit sattelites leading to contribution in V budget 9. Patched conics approach for interplanetary flight, gravity assist effect / options for change of excess velocity (2d, 3d), Launch, in orbit insertion.


Evaluation Date:
October 25, 2019
Dale Chimenti

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