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Electrical Power Systems


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Energy Systems and Power Electronics

E E 303

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International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
Generators/Alternators in power systems: steady state operation, transient conditions, unbalanced loading or faults, operation connected to infinite/non-infinite bus bars, stability margin, operational limits, operation at leading power factor, governors and frequency control. Power Factor Correction: Single-phase and three-phase power factor correction. Utility and consumer power factor correction. Active power factor correction and filters. Voltage Regulation: Voltage control standards: methods of voltage control, generator, reactive injection, series compensation, tap-changing, coordination of voltage regulation, voltage control and reactive power. Three-phase Transformers: Review of power transformers, construction, equivalent circuit, auto transformers, use of tap-changers, three-phase connections and transformer banks, transformer harmonics, parallel operation of three-phase transformers, harmonics, inrush current, unbalanced loading, delta/star transformers. Transmission and distribution: Transmission line inductance, capacitance. Overhear lines, underground cables. Fault analysis: Power systems faults: earth faults, line-line, line-line-earth; fault calculations, symmetrical faults, unbalanced faults. Switching and Protection L Switches, breakers, contactors, purpose of protection, plant protection, personnel, security of supply, stability, protection system components, zones of protection, current transformers, fuses, relays, breakers, inverse time, generator and transformers protection schemes, auto-re-closing circuit breakers. Relay types, over current, differential, impedance and pilot relaying, transformer protection, generator and motor protection, circuit interruption and switching over voltages. Rectification, Inversion and High Voltage DC Systems Advanced Topics: Grid design, transmission and distribution systems, integrating renewable generation onto a grid, grid design for the future, smart grids.


Evaluation Date:
April 17, 2019
Ian Dobson