University Of Limerick

The European Union: Broadening the Perspective


Iowa State Course Substitution

Cultures in Transition

WLC 270

Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
The module will offer students who would otherwise not engage in European Studies an opportunity to engage in European Union Studies. While imparting factual information to key aspects of the history, institutions and politics of the European Union will be most prominent in the first half of the module, the second half aims to actively engage students in discussions about topical issues, such as migration, climate change and Brexit, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in reflections about the future of the European Union, which the students themselves will help to shape in their later careers. The module is interdisciplinary in nature and include and integrate the areas of politics, cultural studies and language studies. It aims to counteract the perception of the European Union as a top­ down political enterprise by encouraging students to see it as one dependent on the active engagement of citizens. The module will also address the role of ERASMUS, in which many students will participate, in shaping a sense of EU citizenship. By reserving one­ quarter of the places on this module to ERASMUS students from as wide a range of member states as possible the module will bring the multilingual and multi­cultural European experience into the classroom and make the different national perspectives an integral part of the debate. It will consist of an academic part and ­ as part of the UL Engage initiative ­ an off ­campus element in which students engage both Limerick schools and the general public in Limerick City in discussions about what it means to be an EU citizen today. A European element will increase the career prospects of graduates from any discipline in a future Europe, in which after Brexit, Ireland is likely to be even more closely interlinked with other member states.


Evaluation Date:
April 15, 2019
Flor Romero-De-Slowing