Technical University Of Delft

Aerospace Mechanics of Materials


Iowa State Course Substitution

Mechanics of Materials

E M 324

Course Info

International Credits: 3.0
Converted Credits: 2.0
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Course Description:

Course Contents This course deals with understanding of basic structural behaviour. Students will learn about concepts such as stress and strain under different kinds of loading (e.g. tensile, shear and bending). Additionally, students will develop skills to solve statically indeteminate structural problems. Study Goals At the end of this course, the student will be able to: • Use mechanics to solve basic problems dealing with the stress/strain/displacement of structures in static equilibrium under mechanical & thermal loads. • Use mechanics to solve basic problems dealing with the relation between material behaviour & structural behaviour under mechanical & thermal loads.


Evaluation Date:
March 25, 2019
Jennifer Johannsen

Leifer Leifsson assisted with getting syllabus from TU.U. Delft, and this is probably in the files in Jackie Kester's office (Aer E advising) or EIP office. This is a rigorous course judging by the final exam that I reviewed. Possibly, pressure vessels and/or buckling not discussed in this course, but that is not prohibitive in accepting as a substitute.