Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Solar Energy


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ME Technical Elective


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International Credits: 0.0
Converted Credits: 0.0
Country: Spain
Language: English
Course Description:
In this course the basic ideas and calculation procedures that must be understood in order to appreciate how solar processes work and how their performance can be predicted. This includes the capability of analyzing the behaviour of radiation between surfaces, solar radiation and the effect of the atmosphere. Students must be able to determine the thermal behaviour of flat plates and other receivers, as well as the basics of pv panels. A the end of the course the student must be able to: 1) Understand and evaluate problems related to applied renewable energies. 2) Evaluate the solar resource. Understand the nature of the radiation emitted by the sun and incident on the earth's atmosphere. To be able to identify the most important geometric parameters in solar energy and to use and understand solar data. 3) Evaluate the heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation and other thermal engineering problems and to use all these abilities in the design of solar equipment. Design solar thermal power plants. understand the basics of O&M of this plants. 4)Identify the general characteristics of semiconductors, pv panels and related equipment. Understand the applications and methods to design pv systems. 5) Identify the main aspects of energy storage for solar energy


Evaluation Date:
January 31, 2019
Christian Schwartz