University Of Limerick

Human-Computer Interaction


Iowa State Course Substitution

CPR E Technical Elective


Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
Syllabus: The module addresses the nature of HCI. Specifically it covers the topics of: understanding the user, human information processing, perception, interfaces and interaction, input and output devices, use & design, the design process, requirements, evaluation, usability methods and tools, empirical and analytical methods, standards & guidelines, mobile technology, information appliances, social and organizational constraints, intelligent agents, and future trends. Learning Outcomes: Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis) On successful completion of this module, the student will be able to: 1. Discuss the merits of, limitations of and evidence for various standards and 'theories of interfaces'. 2. Apply these standards and theories through critique of interfaces drawn from PC based software, web-based software, voice portals and various hand-held devices. 3. Design effective interfaces for a specified system, in the light of these standards and theories. 4. Design an empirical study to evaluate a given interface for a specific HCI context. 5. Perform such empirical studies on interfaces, and show competence in evaluating the results generated to refine the interface.


Evaluation Date:
March 11, 2019
Nathan Neihart