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Heat and Mass Transfer Operations


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Transport Phenomena II

CH E 357

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International Credits: 15.0
Converted Credits: 4.0
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Course Description:
Description An introdution to heat-transfer and mass-transfer operations relevant to process technologies. An introduction to the physics of heat-transfer and mass-transfer that underpin process technologies. The course is taught using a first principles basis to explain the underpinning concepts relevant to heat and mass transfer, and to illustrate similarities and differences between these processes. Examples from every day situations, as well as chemical engineering applications, are used to clarify the concepts taught in class. This course covers the following topics: Introduction to Heat Conduction Introduction to Diffusion Mathematical Concepts in Heat and Mass Transfer - Dimensional analysis of PDEs - Solution of PDEs (numerical, analytical and approximate) Forced Convection Heat and Mass Transfer Natural Convection Heat and Mass Transfer A Simple Heat Exchanger Learning Outcomes At the completion of this course, students will be able to: understand the fundamental principles of heat and mass transfer. estimate the magnitude of rates of heat and mass transfer in different situations. understand the analogy between heat, mass and momentum transfer and identify the limitations of such analysis. understand and be able to apply dimensional analysis to problems of heat and mass transfer. formulate and solve ordinary differential equations that describe heat and mass transfer problems. build numerical models to describe one- and two-dimensional steady state problems. make and test reasonable engineering approximations to simplify complex problems in heat and mass transfer. select and apply appropriate correlations to solve heat and mass transfer problems.


Evaluation Date:
February 6, 2019
Jennifer Heinen