Nanyang Technological University

Human-Computer Interaction


Iowa State Course Substitution

Software Construction and User Interfaces

COM S 319

Course Info

International Credits: 3.0
Converted Credits: 3.0
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Course Description:
This course aims to provide and introductions to human-computer interaction, with an overarching goal of inculcating int you the habit of adopting a user-centric perspective on usability when designing, evaluating and innovating new user interfaces. More specifically, the objectives are to get you to: (a) appreciate and understand the significance of considering usability issues in interface development, including user requirements, measurements and various usability tests: (b) acquire vocabulary to frame and articulate HCI issues and considerations for different computer applications: (c) learn first principles in user interface design and develop basic ability to apply design considerations to both current and future interface modalities; (d) obtain a perspective of how HCI needs to be aligned with human thought processes and physical abilities, and (e) be aware of the large range of user interfaces in society today, and appreciate how HCI design is applied in various sectors of the computing industry.


Evaluation Date:
January 5, 2019
Ali Jannesari