University Of Limerick

Control 1


Iowa State Course Substitution

CPR E Technical Elective


Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
Rationale and Purpose of the Module: The module introduces students to some basic control theory, Dynamic System Modelling, open- and closed-loop systems, signal flow graphs, time response of first and second order systems. This module also gives students a basic introduction (from the control perspective to support the control theory and dynamic systems modelling) to some of the basic devices used in control, including actuators, sensors and transducers. Syllabus: Dynamic System Modelling: Laplace Transform method, open and closed loop systems, signal flow graphs, transfer functions, time response of first and second order systems. Laboratory Work: Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems using Matlab Simulink and LabVIEW. Basic laboratory exercises, including data acquisition from sensors. Introduction to instrumentation. Sensor characteristics. Signal conditioning. Review of typical sensors.


Evaluation Date:
February 12, 2019
Nathan Neihart