University Of Newcastle

Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes


Iowa State Course Substitution

Engineering Thermodynamics I

M E 231

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International Credits: 0.0
Converted Credits: 0.0
Country: Australia
Language: English
Course Description:
This course builds upon the first and second laws of thermodynamics, with a focus on flow processes as used in the chemical and power generation industries. A number of cycles are studied in detail, commencing with ideal gas, vapor power, and refrigeration cycles, as well as applications in air-conditioning. The course is complemented by lectures on how to calculate the fundamental thermodynamic properties of fluids as used in flow processes, together with the thermodynamics of vapor-liquid equilbria. The thermodynamics of chemical reactions, especially combustion, is covered.


Evaluation Date:
December 2, 2019
Howard Shapiro

Uponfurthur review, this course could substitute for ME 231 for both ME's and non ME's.