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Mechanics of Structures


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Mechanics of Structures and Materials

MAT E 319

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Country: Spain
Language: English
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PART I: BEHAVIOUR OF REAL BODY EQUILIBRIUM AND CALCULUS OF REACTIONS FOR STRUCTURAL MECHANICS Topic 1: FORCE SYSTEMS AND EQUILIBRIUM 1.1 Main concepts 1.2 Force systems and equivalent force systems Topic 2: REACTION FORCES 2.1 Computation of reactions in statically determinate structures 2.2 Computation of reactions in external statically indeterminate structures Topic 3: MASS GEOMETRY 3.1 Centre of mass of planar bodies 3.2 Moment of inertia of planar bodies PART II: FORCE LAWS IN ISOSTATIC STRUCTURES Topic 4: FORCE LAWS (I) 4.1 Concept and types of internal forces 4.2 Relationship between load, shear force and bending moment Topic 5: FORCE LAWS (II) 5.1 Determination of internal forces in simple beams 5.2 Determination of internal forces in archs Topic 6: FORCE LAWS (III) 6.1 Determination of internal forces in complex beams 6.2 Determination of internal forces in frames PART III: TRUSS STRUCTURES AND CABLE STRUCTURES Topic 7: TRUSSES 7.1 Internal forces for trusses 7.2 Resolution procedures Topic 8: CABLES 8.1 Cables under concentrated loads 8.2 Cables under distributed loads PART IV: CONCEPT OF UNIAXIAL STRESS AND UNIAXIAL STRAIN. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STRESS AND STRAIN IN ELASTIC SOLIDS Topic 9: DEFORMABLE BODY 9.1 Main concepts. Cauchy stress 9.2 Mechanical behaviour of solids PART V: PRINCIPLES OF STRENGTH OF MATERIALS. GENERAL STUDY OF STRUCTURAL BEHAVIOUR OF SECTION STRENGTH Topic 10: TENSILE/COMPRESSION (I) 10.1 Principles of strength of materials 10.2 Tensile and compressive axial force Topic 11: BENDING (II) 11.1 Strength of materials. Bending (I) 11.2 Pure bending Topic 12: BENDING (III) 12.1 Strength of materials. Bending (II) 12.2 Complex bending PART VI: INTRODUCTION TO EXPERIMENTAL METHODS FOR STRUCTURAL MECHANICS ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS


Evaluation Date:
November 20, 2018
Xiaoli Tan
It is a little short on stress strain transformation analysis, but it is OK for a transfer course.