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Mechanics of Solids 1


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Mechanics of Materials

E M 324

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International Credits: 0.0
Converted Credits: 0.0
Country: Australia
Language: English
Course Description:
ENGG2400 Mechanics of Solids 1 Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals to the mechanics of solids. The topics include properties of plane cross-sectional shapes including centroid & principal second moment of area; concepts of stress and strain; 2D transformation of stresses and strains under axis rotation; principal stresses and strains; Mohr’s circle of stress and strain; stress-strain relationships; elasticity, thermal strain, Poisson’s ratio and Hooke’s Law; bars under axial force; Indeterminate axial force systems; elastic bending stress formula; composite beams; deflections due to bending; step functions; simple indeterminate beams; shear flow; shear centre; torsion of circular shafts and box sections


Evaluation Date:
April 2, 2018
Jennifer Johannsen