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Electrical Energy (Electrical Machines)


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Introduction to AC Circuits and Motors

E E 448

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International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 0.0
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
Electronic & Computer Engineering Review of electromagnetism, Faradays, Amperes and Lezs laws, MMF, flux, flux density, magnetic field intensity and reluctance, self and mutual inductance, magnetic materials, BH curves, core losses. Magnetic circuits, electric circuit analogies, analysis of simple magnetic circuits. Transformers: Construction and principles, ideal transformer, voltage and current transformers, power transformers, single/3 phase, equivalent circuits, open and short circuit tests, application in power systems, per unit system. Machines - DC motors and generators: construction and principles, separately excited, series, shunt and compound machines. Voltage and torque equations. Equivalent circuits, Power flow. Machine characteristics: open circuit/magnetization, speed, torque and dynamic characteristics. Which configuration for which application. DC machines in modern power generation and motion control. AC machines, rotating magnetic fields, alternators, 3 phase generators, salient pole/cylindrical rotor, derivation of equivalent circuit from open circuit and short circuit tests, synchronous reactance, the phasor diagram (of cylindrical rotor machine) and the Power Angle Curve. Synchronising to an infiite busbar. Steady state stability limit. Induction machines (motors and generators) single phase, 3 phase. Derivation of equivalent circuit, determination of torque speed characteristic. Locked-rotor and no-load tests. Induction generator. Introduction to V/F control. Starting methods and protection. Electrical machines developments for renewable energy generation. AC power real and reactive power calculations. Power factor correction, balanced 3 phase systems analysis, star and delta connected loads, advantages of 3 phase systems, the per unit system.


Evaluation Date:
December 6, 2018
Andrew Bolstad