Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Cell and Molecular Biology


Iowa State Course Substitution

Principles of Molecular Cell Biology

BIOL 314

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International Credits: 0.0
Converted Credits: 0.0
Country: Spain
Language: English
Course Description:
To understand biological materials and systems and design new ways to repair or replace them, it is imperative to understand their cellular and molecular components and functions. Cell and Molecular Biology form the foundation of biotechnology and biomedical industry today. This course covers a detailed analysis of the structures, mechanisms and molecules that control cell function, proliferation and differentiation as well as the changes that lead to pathological conditions. It also teaches, both in master and laboratory classes, modern molecular techniques to analyze cell function. PROGRAMME: 1. Chemical components of the cell 2. Membrane Structure 3. Membrane Transport 4. Vesicula Traffic 5. Cell Communication I and II 6. Cytoskeleton 7. Protein Structure and Function, Proteomics. 8. From DNA to Genes to Genomes. Genomics. 9. From DNA to Proteins. Control of Gene expression. Transcriptomics. 10.Genetic Variation. Genetic Diseases. LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS: 1. Plasmid DNA Isolation. 2. Restriction Digestion. Plasmid Maps. 3. Ligation and Transformation. 4. Human Cell Culture.


Evaluation Date:
October 11, 2018
James Colbert