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Introduction to Structural Analysis


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Flight Structures Analysis

AER E 321

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International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 0.0
Country: Spain
Language: English
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CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION TO SOLID MECHANICS (Nº of sessions: 3) Subject 1: Kinematic of deformable bodies - Motion: Basic concepts - Strain Tensor - Infinitesimal strain - Geometrical meaning of the components of infinitesimal strain tensor - Principal Strains - Equations of compatibility Subject 2: Equilibrium in deformable bodies - Body and surface forces - Concept of stress - Stress tensor - Stress equations of equilibrium - Stationary stresses Subject 3: Constitutive equations - Behaviour laws - Hyperelastic behaviour - Linear elastic behaviour - Material symmetries - Physical meaning of the constants CHAPTER 2. ELASTICITY (Nºof sessions: 3) Subject 4: Formulation of Elasticity - Elasticity equations - Boundary and contact conditions - Theorem of Virtual Works - Theorem of Minimum Potential Energy - Reciprocity Theorems - General Principles Subject 5: Failure criteria - Failure by yielding - Haig-Westergaard representation - Von Mises-Hencky-Nadai yield criterion - Tresca-Guest yield criterion - Alternate yield criteria - Equivalent stress and safety factor Subject 6: Two dimensional theory of Elasticity - Plain Stress and Plain Strain - Plane Elasticity in term of displacement - Plane Elasticity in terms of stresses - Methods of solutions - Mohr´s circle in 2D CHAPTER 3. STRENGTH OF MATERIALS (Nºof sessions: 7) Subject 7 and 8: Reaction and internals forces - External degrees of freedom in a mechanical system - External link in a mechanical system - External degree of static indeterminacy - Internal link - Internal degree of static indeterminacy - Total degree of static indeterminacy - Computation of reactions Subject 9: Introduction to beam theory - Definition of a beam - Types of loads acting in beams - Internal forces and moments in beams Subject 10 and 11 : Bending and shear in beamss - Normal stresses in beam - Neutral axis - Sections with symmetries - Shear stresses due to shear force - Sections with symmetries - Shear stresses due to torque Subject 12: Deflections of beams - Equilibrium equations of beams - Internal forces and moments equations - Deflections by integration of the internal forces (Navier-Bresse equations) - Moment-area method(Mohr´s theorems) Subject 13: Isostatically indeterminate structures - Kinematic definitions - Introduction to the force (or flexibility) method - Application to continuum beams


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August 30, 2018
Liming Xiong
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