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Principles of Chemical Engineering


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Material and Energy Balances

CH E 210

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International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
Module Code - Title: CG5011 - PRINCIPLES OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Year Last Offered: 2017/8 Hours Per Week Grading Type: N Prerequisite Modules: Rationale and Purpose of the Module: To allow students with varying backgrounds to become familiar with those core aspects of chemical engineering that might be lacking in their prior experiences. Tutorials are tailored to the previous academic background of the individual student. Syllabus: Fundamentals of material and energy balances. Introduction to chemical process design and analysis. Introduction to Process Control and Instrumentation. Solid Materials Handling (size reduction, settling, elutriation, filtration, etc.) Among typical tutorial topics are the following: Review of Introductory Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Review of Chemical or Engineering Thermodynamics Review of Chemical Kinetics Learning Outcomes: Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis) 1. Demonstrate a firm grasp of the fundamental principles underlying the field of chemical engineering, in particular material and energy balances, basic chemistry, engineering thermodynamics, and chemical kinetics. 2. Explain the basic tenets of process dynamic modelling and control. 3. Describe the key concepts of solids materials characterisation and handling. 4. Report practical experience in the operation, disassembly and assembly of processing equipment such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers and flow meters. 5. Show practical skills in the tuning, use, computer modelling and evaluation of Lecture Lab Tutorial Other Private Credits 2 1.50 1 0 4 6 simple process control systems Affective (Attitudes and Values) N/A Psychomotor (Physical Skills) N/A How the Module will be Taught and what will be the Learning Experiences of the Students: The module is taught through a combination of lecturers, group tutorial sessions and practical laboratories and computer sessions. It contains several subjects: Mass and energy balance lecture is delivered to the entire class; however the Control and Solid handling, and additional Thermodynamic or Chemistry tutorial is only for postgraduate students. The Engineering drawing, Mechanical laboratory and Professional study is only for undergraduate students, as postgraduate students already have those skills. Research Findings Incorporated in to the Syllabus (If Relevant): Prime Texts: S. Mc Monagle (2008) CG5011 Course Notes (SMcM), UL R. M. Felder and R.W. Rousseau (2000) Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Wiley Other Texts: Programmes GDCHENTFA - Chemical Engineering BECBENUFA - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering CTSCENUPA - Science and Engineering Semester - Year to be First Offered: Autumn Module Leader:


Evaluation Date:
March 11, 2018
Jennifer Heinen