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Operating Systems: Principles and Practice

CPR E 308

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International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
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1/13/2018 Book of Modules 1/2 Version: 3.1.0 Book of Modules et4725 Book of Modules Home Page 1 of 1 Lecture 2 Lab 2 Tutorial 0 Other 0 Private 6 Credits 6 Module Code - Title: ET4725 - OPERATING SYSTEMS 1 Year Last Offered: 2017/8 Hours Per Week: Grading Type: N Prerequisite Modules: ET4253 ET4263 Rationale and Purpose of the Module: This module provides an introduction to multi-tasking operating system concepts. Topics include: processes, threads, memory management and file systems. Focus is on a single processor machine. The module will include a laboratory project. Syllabus: Operating System: Definitions, types of operating systems. Processes: Concurrency, states, queues, scheduling, threads. Interprocess communication and synchronisation: Mutual exclusion, race conditions, busy-waiting solutions, TSLs, semaphores, monitors, simple message passing, classical problems. Deadlock: Conditions for deadlock and solutions. Memory Management: Swapping, virtual memory, paging and segmentation. File systems to support multi-tasking: Disk organisation, space management, file sharing, file protection, performance issues. Input/Output: I/O devices in multi-tasking environments. Laboratory: The students will become familiar with one operating system: UNIX or Microsoft Windows. Exercises will involve: shell scripting, system calls using C/C++, solving synchronisation problems in a concurrent programming environment.. Learning Outcomes: 1/13/2018 Book of Modules 2/2 Cognitive (Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis) Write script level programs for OS configuration Write programs that access OS system call libraries Develop program solutions that solve race type synchronisation problems Use solutions for good memory management Write utilities for effective file system configuration and management Affective (Attitudes and Values) N/A Psychomotor (Physical Skills) N/A How the Module will be Taught and what will be the Learning Experiences of the Students: Classroom teaching, laboratory based teaching and learning, and lab-based tutorials. Research Findings Incorporated in to the Syllabus (If Relevant): Prime Texts: Abraham Silberschatz (2007) Operating System Concepts , Wiley Other Relevant Texts: W. Stallings (2008) Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles , Prentice Hall A. Tanenbaum (2007) Modern Operating Systems , Prentice Hall Programme(s) in which this Module is Offered: Semester - Year to be First Offered: Spring - 09/10 Module Leader:


Evaluation Date:
February 21, 2018
Yong Guan
***THE LAB SECTION OF CPR E 308 MUST BE COMPLETED ON ISU CAMPUS*** 1. Lecture materials are comparable to what we cover in CPR E 308. 2. Lab section is not. The student needs to take the lab section of 308 at ISU.