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Introduction to Wind Turbines: Physics and Technology


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Introduction to Wind Energy

AER E 381

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International Credits: 4.0
Converted Credits: 2.5
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Course Description:
2017/2018 Aerospace Engineering Bachelor Aerospace Engineering AE3W02TU Introduction to wind turbines: physics and technology ECTS: 4 Responsible Instructor Name E-mail M.B. Zaayer Instructor Name E-mail Dr. A.C. Viré Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x 0/2/0/0 Education Period 2 Start Education 2 Exam Period 2 3 Course Language English Required for AE4W09 (Wind Turbine Design) and AE4135 (Rotor / wake Aerodynamics) Expected prior knowledge A proper engineering background in mechanics (Newton's laws of motion), statics (forces, stresses and displacements in structures), dynamics (massspring-damper system) and electricity and magnetism (a.o. Lorentz force) is assumed. Knowledge of aerodynamics (lift and drag of aerofoils) is convenient, but not mandatory. Course Contents Wind turbine technology, aerodynamic theory, wind climate, energy production, drive train, control, dynamic modelling, Campbell diagram, strength and fatigue, wind farm aspects Study Goals Understand wind energy and wind energy conversion systems. Be able to apply knowledge from various fields of engineering related to wind turbine analysis and design. Education Method Self-study of online material, with interactive lectures. Literature and Study Materials Handouts, videos and additional course material on Brightspace Assessment Written exam at the end of period 2, with a resit at the end of period 3 (Note: there are no mid-term exams, as was the case up to 2016/2017) Remarks This course is an elective course for students from various faculties (AE, EEMCS, CEG, IDE, ...). It is also part of the SET MSc curriculum and several minors. The course is therefore not tailored to a particular curriculum, but tries to accommodate students with different backgrounds and interests. Set-up Students are expected to study the online course material at home, before the lecture. During the lecture, frequently asked questions will be addressed, difficult topics will be further explained and exercises will be used to test and improve your understanding and application of the course material.


Evaluation Date:
March 8, 2018
Ganesh Rajagoplan