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ME-321 Control systems + TP Jones Colin Neil, Salzmann Christophe Cursus Sem. Type Génie mécanique BA5 Obl. Mineur en Technologies spatiales H Opt. Language English Credits 4 Session Winter Semester Fall Exam Written Workload 120h Weeks 14 Hours 4 weekly Lecture 3 weekly Practical work 1 weekly Summary Provides the students with basic notions and tools for the analysis and control of dynamic systems. Shows them how to design controllers and analyze the performance of controlled systems. Content • Introduction to automatic control • Closed-loop transfer functions • Analysis of dynamic systems • Design and analysis of PID controllers • Loop shaping controller design • State space analysis and control design • Introduction to digital implementation Keywords Analysis and design of control systems, stability, PID control, loop shaping, state space control Learning Prerequisites Required courses • Real analysis • Complex analysis • Physics • Signals and systems Important concepts to start the course • Represent a physical process as a system with its inputs, outputs and disturbances, A1 • Derive the dynamic equations for the system, A2 • Represent a linear system by a transfer function, A5 Learning Outcomes 2017-2018 COURSE BOOKLET Control systems + TP Page 1 / 3 By the end of the course, the student must be able to: • Analyze a linear dynamical system (both time and frequency responses), A4 • Design and analyse a discrete-time model for a dynamic system, A7 • Design a PID controller, A9 • Design a simple controller for a dynamic system, A10 • Assess / Evaluate the stability, performance and robustness of a closed-loop system, A14 • Define adequate control performance for dynamic systems, A15 • Propose several control solutions, formulate the trade-offs, choose the options, A16 • Design a state-space controller for a dynamic system, A10 Transversal skills • Communicate effectively with professionals from other disciplines. • Set objectives and design an action plan to reach those objectives. • Use both general and domain specific IT resources and tools • Access and evaluate appropriate sources of information. Teaching methods Lectures, written exercices, computer-based exercises and MOOC-based laboratory sessions Expected student activities • Participate to lectures, exercices and laboratory sessions • Homework of about 2 hours per week Assessment methods Written exam Supervision Office hours No Assistants Yes Forum No Others • Supervised written exercise sessions • Supervised MOOC laboratory sessions • Supervised hands-on computer sessions Resources Bibliography Franklin, Powell and Emami-Naeini, "Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 7th Edition". Pearson publishing. Ressources en bibliothèque • Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems / Powell • Notes/Handbook 2017-2018 COURSE BOOKLET Control systems + TP Page 2 / 3 Slides / notes available online. Moodle Link • Prerequisite for • Multivariables Systems • Advanced Control Systems • Non-linear Control • Model Predictive Control • Identification of Dynamical Systems


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October 3, 2017
Bong Wie