Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Applied Differential Calculus


Iowa State Course Substitution

Elementary Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms

MATH 267

Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Spain
Language: English
Course Description:
KNOWLEDGE (PO a - RA1.1): - Solving linear differential equations and interpret results. - Understand the concept of stability. - Understand the concept of power series and radius of convergence of a series. - Know how to plot slope fields. - Know how to calculate Laplace transforms and how to use them to solve differential equations. - Know how to solve systems of linear differential equations of first order. - Understand the concept of Fourier series and using them to solve differential equations. - Know how to use numerical methods to compute approximate solutions of first order non-linear systems of differential equations. SPECIFIC ABILITIES (PO a - RA1.1): - Increase the level of abstraction. - To be able to solve practical problems using differential equations. GENERAL ABILITIES (PO a - RA1.1): - Ability to communicate orally and in writing correctly using signs and the language of mathematics. - Ability to model a real situation described in words by differential equations. - Ability to interpret the mathematical solution of a problem, their reliability and limitations.


Evaluation Date:
May 10, 2017
James Wilson
Course assumes a background in linear algebra. In MATH 267 we spend a little time to fill that in.