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Artificial Intelligence and Neural Computing


Iowa State Course Substitution

COM S 300-Level Elective

COM S 300

Course Info

International Credits: 0.5
Converted Credits: 4.0
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Course Description:
This course introduces artificial intelligence and neural computing as both technical subjects and as fields of intellectual activity. The overall targets are: (1) to present basic methods of expressing knowledge in forms suitable for holding in computing systems, together with methods for deriving consequences from that knowledge by automated reasoning; (2) to present basic methods for learning knowledge; and (3) to introduce neural computing as an alternative knowledge acquisition/representation paradigm, to explain its basic principles and their relationship to neurobiological models, to describe a range of neural computing techniques and their application areas.


Evaluation Date:
May 5, 2017
Andrew Miner
This course can be used to satisfy a 300-level (or higher) elective in computer science. It looks like half of COM S 472 plus half of COM S 474.