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Aerospace On-Board Systems


Iowa State Course Substitution

Aerospace Systems Integration

AER E 362

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International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Course Description:
The aircraft and space modules are complex products consisting of several systems that must meet stringent requirements - issued by the airworthiness authorities and customers - throughout the life cycle. The course is intended primarily to introduce students to the methodology of sistemistica multi-disciplinary design, with examples relating to the most important aerospace board systems; doing so will provide a brief overview of the same. After having described the functions performed by each system, the approach will tend to favor a physical vision of phenomenology involved with the presentation of simple dimensioning models. In particular, the course aims to provide you with a practical approach, basic knowledge of aircraft systems, emphasizing the main interactions between different systems, the problems of integration on board, their effect on the aircraft as a whole and need of maintenance to ensure flight safety. A small part of the course will be devoted to a description of some on-board systems employed in the space sector. Despite the practical approach, the arguments often lectures will address the principles of physics and chemistry and some concepts of general aviation, fundamentals of aerodynamics, plus some hints of driving elements, navigation, performance, stability and control, safety and operating costs.


Evaluation Date:
November 17, 2016
Christina Bloebaum