Politecnico di Torino

Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing


Iowa State Course Substitution

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations

MATH 481

Course Info

International Credits: 8.0
Converted Credits: 5.0
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Course Description:
The engineering design uses more and more of the results of numerical simulations based on the integration of partial differential equation derived from physical models. This is especially true in the field of aerospace design, where in fact the computational fluid dynamics, the structural calculation and simulation of complex systems have achieved the greatest success. This course is designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of numerical computation and scientific computing. It will describe the main basic numerical techniques and methods in use to integrate partial differential equations: finite difference and finite element problems for elliptic and parabolic, finite volume for hyperbolic problems. The methods studied will then be applied to simple problems, however, in that they are able to illustrate the characteristics of a diagram and the main implementation details.


Evaluation Date:
November 21, 2016
James Wilson