University Of Exeter

Foundations of Biomechanics


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KIN 355

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International Credits: 15.0
Converted Credits: 4.0
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Course Description:
The study of force and motion form a large part of the sport and exercise curriculum and this module will provide you with a grounding in how to analyse these aspects from a biomechanical perspective. You will learn about different methods of assessing linear movements and forces in sports, developing your understanding of linear kinematics and linear kinetics. This module will then help you apply these principles to the analysis of human movement and performance in sports; understanding why people perform well and how measures can be taken to reduce risks of injury. There are no pre- or co-requisites for this module and it is suitable for non-specialist students who have studied some science at A-Level or equivalent.


Evaluation Date:
September 27, 2016
Marsha Wissink
Previously evaluated & approved.