Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Materials Science and Engineering


Iowa State Course Substitution

Principals of Materials Science and Engineering

MAT E 273

Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Spain
Language: English
Course Description:
To know the structure, composition, processing, properties and performance of different families of materials and relationship among them. To be able to select materials as a function of their applications in different engineering fields. To know the more adequate standardized tests to evaluate properties and performance of materials, and to analyze the results. Regarding general capabilities or skills, during the year, students will work: - Ability to solve complex problems. - Ability to look for, to understand and to discriminate the relevant information to take a decision. - Ability to use multi-disciplinary knowledges to solve a problem. - Ability to work in groups and distribute work to face up to complex problems. Regarding student attitudes after the year, they should get: - A collaborative attitude to get from other people information, skills and knowledge necessary to manufacture components with specified applications.


Evaluation Date:
October 20, 2016
Lawrence Genalo