Nanyang Technological University

Fluid Mechanics & Civil Engineering Laboratory A

CV1012 & CV2711

Iowa State Course Substitution

Mechanics of Fluids

E M 378

Course Info

International Credits: 3.0
Converted Credits: 3.0
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Course Description:
To introduce the basic principles of fluid mechanics and the concepts of dimensional analysis and similitude; applications of the principles to internal pipe flows and fluid machines. Fluid statics. Elementary fluid dynamics. Momentum equation and its application. Dimensional analysis and similitude. Internal flows, piping and pump systems. [PLUS] To provide practical application and understanding of theories relating to areas in civil engineering. Laboratory experiments and projects related to areas in civil engineering such as fluid mechanics, environmental engineering, soil mechanics and mechanics of materials.


Evaluation Date:
April 9, 2015
Joseph Schaefer