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Mechanical Design


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Mechanical Component Design

M E 325

Course Info

International Credits: 6.0
Converted Credits: 3.5
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Course Description:
[Integration of machine elements into design.] Overview of common engineering materials and their functional properties. Review of steels and heat treatment processes relevant to transmission design. Practical aspects of stress analysis as used in industrial applications. Stability of design elements. Aspects of component life, cost and reliability. Introduction to bearings, types and selection criteria. Rolling Contact Bearing selection using catalogue data. Shaft design as an example of a simple component. Shaft couplings and keys. Flat, V, Wedge and Polyvee belts and chain drives. Review of the history of gear design showing the relationship to fatigue theory. Advantages of helical and spiral bevel gears in relation to noise, wear and strength. Clutches and brakes - selection considerations. Electric motors - types and control options. Starters and protection devices. [Design for Fatigue Life] Use of fatigue data, load and environment factors in design and selection. [Pressure vessel design.] Use of standards. Materials and life considerations. Corrosion protection. Safety and the work environment. Testing and certification. [Hydrostatic Transmission Systems.] Design of circuits for simple tasks. Linear and rotary actuation devices. Pump and motor types and selection, Circuit safety and calculation considerations. Control and speed circuits and devices.


Evaluation Date:
September 24, 2018
Rafael Radkowski