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Electrical Engineering


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Introduction to AC Circuits and Motors

E E 448

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International Credits: 5.0
Converted Credits: 3.0
Country: France
Language: English
Course Description:
Content Course of numerical electronics and automatic (for future students of ASI, IEE and SICOM departments) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course of fluid mechanics applied to transport (20h): ----------------------------------------------- Content: I) Navier-Stokes Rotational and irrotational flows Equations of motion and boundary conditions Come back over the overall form of the equations: mass balance, momentum and energy (TD application) II) Solutions of ship-Stokes equations Permanent unidirectional flows: plane Poiseuille; Plane Couette; axisymmetric flows, circular Poiseuille III) Nondimensionalization equations and dimensionless numbers of movement Example of simplified equations: Equations with thin films IV) Dynamic Similarity Dimensionless equations form; similarity parameters Examples of similarity: Reynolds, Froude Efforts on underwater obstacles: coefficients of drag and lift, flows around a sphere Course of vibrating structures (20h) ------------------------------------ Prerequisites ABOUT US STUDIES RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES STUDENT LIFE Number of hours Lectures : 20.0 Tutorials : 20.0 ECTS : 3.0 Page 1 × Mandatory Course Units of 1st year of Ense3 Tests Exam of 2 hours Additional Information Course list Curriculum->Tronc commun - 1ère année->Semester 2


Evaluation Date:
September 29, 2017
Timothy Bigelow