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Propulsion and Power


Iowa State Course Substitution

Aerospace Vehicle Propulsion I

AER E 411

Course Info

International Credits: 4.0
Converted Credits: 2.5
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Course Description:
Air Breathing Propulsion -Aircraft Propulsion:- thermodynamics and cycle calculations, Working of a Gas Turbine Engine, turbo machinery, combustion, design point calculations. Non-Air Breathing Propulsion -Rocket systems: Ideal rocket motor theory, cold gas rocket systems, chemical rocket systems. Electrical Power Systems -Electrical Generators, Photo voltaics, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Power Management and Distribution.


Evaluation Date:
February 15, 2017
Alric Rothmayer
This is a follow up on a request to substitute AE2230-II for AER E 411. Previous review required review after study abroad was completed. I looked over course materials for AE2230-II and it can be substituted for AER E 411.